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Dubia Roach


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The Dubia roach , Blaptica dubia is one of our favorite feeders. Its ease of care, low odor, and quiet lifestyle, combined with their high nutritional value, make them a great feeder insect. And since they are a tropical species, they cannot become pests in your home should they get loose. Size: 1/2 inch to 7/8 inch.
For more information about live feeders, including nutritional information, care tips, gut loading, and how to feed them to your pets, check out our caresheet Live Feeders.


  1. Insects are available for delivery with any qualifying order of $25 or more.
  2. Otherwise, insects can be picked up in the store or brought out to your car (give us a call when you pull up.)

Insects will only be delivered when conditions are safe for the insects; they’re temperature sensitive, and you may need to be home to accept delivery- we’ll call if we need to make other arrangements.

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