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smallbatch lightly cooked chicken batch

UPC:752830704572 grain free gently cooked dog food

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smallbatch dog lightlycooked
Our same pristine smallbatch ingredients, combined in a dog formula and gently cooked sous vide style. We place our classic batches in water baths, bringing the internal temperature up to 150F for just 5 minutes. By gently cooking our batches this way, we’re ensuring pasteurization making it easier for delicate tummies. Optimal nutrition in a slider, ideal for sensitive systems.

small in smallbatch

Our focus is not to be the biggest pet food company, but to be the best at what we do. We believe that our pets deserve to eat real food, which is why we procure all of our ingredients from local farms that we know and lovefarms that take care of the land for the benefit of future generations. The way the food is raised, grown, and harvested plays a pivotal role in not just the health of our pets, but also in the health of our planet. smallbatch is dedicated to offering quality food that aligns with these values.

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2 Pound Sliders, 5 Pound Sliders


85% humanely raised and harvested chicken, 13% organic produce, 2% natural supplements
chicken, chicken necks, chicken backs, chicken gizzards, chicken hearts, chicken livers, organic carrots, organic yams, organic broccoli, organic zucchini, salmon oil, organic apple cider vinegar, organic kelp, organic kale, organic collards, organic parsley, organic bee pollen, organic garlic, organic bilberry, organic wheat grass, organic basil, organic rosemary, vitamin e, zinc glycinate, copper glycinate, manganese glycinate

Guaranteed Analysis

Moisture (max): 74.1%
Crude Protein (min): 14.6%
Crude Fat (min): 4.7%
Crude Fiber (max): 0.5%
Approx. 43 kcal per slider

Feeding Guidelines

Quantities are per day
5 lbs: 2 Sliders
10 lbs: 4 Sliders
15 lbs: 6 Sliders
20 lbs: 8 Sliders
40 lbs: 16 Sliders
60 lbs: 24 Sliders
80 lbs: 32 Sliders
100 lbs: 40 Sliders

For nursing or pregnant dogs and puppies, quantities per day can be doubled. Please note that you should always consult your veterinarian especially when it comes to mommas-to-be or nursing dogs. These are only guidelines and may need to be adjusted depending on your individual dog?s needs.

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