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Fresh News Cat Litter

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Keep your home clean and help the environment with Fresh News Cat Litter & Multi-Cat Litter! Fresh News Cat Litters are non-allergenic, 3x more absorbent than clan, and are biodegradable when composted. Fresh News Cat Litters are 99% Dust Free and are Low Tracking with moisture locking granules to help neutralize litter box odors which means you can keep your home smelling fresh! Fresh News Original Cat Litter is available in 4lb, 12lb and 25lb packages. Fresh News Multi-Cat Litter is available in a 14lb package. outstanding odor control Fresh News Original Cat Litter has fast absorbing pellets with baking soda built into it to help neutralize litter tray odors. Have more than one cat? Try out Fresh News Multi-Cat Litter which offers a softer, lighter, more absorbent crumbled texture to help keep your house smelling clean! low-tracking Fresh News Original Texture offers a softer pellet that retains its form when wet reducing the amount of pellets tracked around your house. Fresh News Multi-Cat offers a softer texture that will limit the amount of litter outside of your litter box. super absorption Fresh News Recycled Paper Litter is 3x more absorbent than traditional clay litters. clean household Fresh News is 99% dust free and 100% non-allergenic. Less dust around the house leaves a cleaner litter box, a cleaner home, and a cleaner environment. ?I live in the United States and have found the Fresh News? Cat litter to be even better than the Yesterday?s News that I had been using. They must?ve changed their formula as the size of their litter has gotten a more crumbly texture. Since finding the Fresh News?, I have been purchasing that only. I like the size of the litter and the fact that you can readily see the used spots. The fact of the baking soda is also a plus. I?m glad that they started carrying Fresh News? as it is clearly superior to Yesterday?s News in all ways. I have 8 wonderful rescued cats and as long as they are happy, so am I. Any info is welcomed.? environmentally friendly Made with 100% recycled paper; Fresh News? is biodegradable and helping to reduce landfill space and save trees from being harvested! Fresh News can be composted and used as a soil amendment or mulch. FRESH NEWS ? IS MADE FROM RECYCLED PAPER 100% ?We have been bringing our recyclable papers to paper gators for a while now and just recently had one placed at our kids? school. On Friday night my daughter and I stopped at Pet Supplies Plus to get some bedding/litter for her bunny. We always buy Fresh News? because it doesn?t give the bunny irritated eyes. On the package there was a sticker that the materials had come from Paper Gator! We were so excited, it was cool to see the ?full circle? of recycling ? we even joked that one of the pellets looked alot like her math homework ?? Thanks for what you do!?

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